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What is and why web platform?

There’s no doubt that directory portals are revolutionary. Maybe u heard for Craig list? Maybe, not. If u are tourist and visit Croatia in many cases club's dont have event anouncements in english. With festivals is different but u need to search deeper. So We have extensive events experience and live here and we know who is who and what are best Music festivals in region, in what restaurant to eat and what, what attractions are here...  There has never been easier way to show you many items listed what u may have interest, giving our target audience all the information they need, everything in one place, with interactive map, eye catching look and what’s even better our partners can add more data to own listed business by themselves. 

How to list Business?

If u have business in Croatia what music festival tourist can have interest (attractions, restaurant, accomodation, fast food, bar, paintabll, go card and so on) than u can simple sign up and list basic info. For advance listing we have several packages and YES we are also interested to promote your business and sell in our party travel packages. Directory listing is interesting because our users can see on map what is offered near event where they going, or where are they accommodated. In simle way to use and navigate on mobitel phones.

What features is supported?

User friendly and Responsive, full of features, compatible with wide range of partner web sites. It’s using AIT Framework 2. We made sure it mirrors all the latest trends in the industry and opens up to new possibilities of the future. It has everything that much-favoured modern website should have: Responsive Design, SEO, WooCommerce for shopping, Directory Items, Categories, Locations, Featured Items, Google Map with Street View, KM/Miles Support, Intuitive Searches.