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2-4.6.2017 Zagreb

…then comes the moment when the sound enters our body. The spine tingles, we get goosebumps, we are smiling and we begin to move. Dancing.

We are sisters and brothers from all over the world, who strongly believe in the power of sounds, frequencies and music. We feel that good music is the key that opens every human heart and let’s us feel the passion and love it’s made of!

4 clubs + open air party!

Our goal is to establish great quality dance sound on Croatian ground. We already did it at Island of Pag, now it is time to create another great spot for quality clubbing in the city of Zadar and Zagreb.

We want to deliver the same good quality of party and dance music, which is conquering the dance floors in the coolest clubs around the world right now. In cooperation famous party brands, artists, friends and YOU!
We love sound and we aim to upgrade the Croatian party culture and offer all people, no matter rase, gender, nationality – a mighty chance to dance.

Our vision is to make all guests who come to our events happy and create an amazing vibe and atmosphere.

We dedicate our work and passion to constantly bring up to date sounds and music to Croatia. After Island Pag, we are taking over another magical location in ancient Zadar.

Thank You for Support & Stay tuned!


In sound we trust!

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